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East Haven & Ridgefield Building Supply has an assortment of drywall dimensions and thicknesses for any building project. We also offer a wide variety of fire-rated, moisture and mold resistant gypsum boards, fiberglass matted gypsum boards, abuse and impact-resistant boards, tile backers boards and shaft wall liners.

We stock a large assortment of widths, lengths, and gauges, and can handle all your special metal framing requirements. We’re your best source for drywall, metal studs and accessories.

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Drywall (also known as wallboard, gypsumboard, and plasterboard) is essential to almost all construction projects, as it’s a speedier alternative to traditional lath and plaster. Drywall helps reduce sound pollutions and improves air quality in any residential or commercial building.


Fire rated gypsum is needed in any area that is close to any fire elements such as fireplaces. Fire rated gypsum is much more fire resistant than other varieties of gypsum board, so it makes homes and buildings much safer.


Cement board is the typical kind of gypsum board that can easily be installed into any home or commercial building. It improves interior sound and air quality. Take a look at the benefits of installing cement board in your building.


When you’re looking for drywall finishing supplies, we’ve got everything you need at East Haven & Ridgefield Building Supply. Because every job is just a little different and needs different products, we provide a wide variety of premixed, setting, and taping type compounds in addition to a variety of textures, primers and sealants.


Steel framing products and studs are literally the backbone of most commercial construction. Lightweight and strong, steel resists corrosion and fire while allowing almost unlimited design flexibility.


At East Haven & Ridgefield Building Supply we have a wide selection of drywall tools, tapers, materials, hanging tools, fasteners and more. We’ll help you get the the tools you need for your project.

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